Casual for a Cause

“Casual for a


  • To allow staff to have an opportunity to “dress
    down” (wear jeans) once a month.
  • Give staff opportunity to “give back” to the
    community through supporting local nonprofit organizations.

Structure (How it will work)

  • A dress down day will be held on the last pay
    day of each month. If you do not work that particular Friday you can choose any
    day that week to participate.
  • Staff should wear special “Casual for a Cause”
    tag on the day that they dress down. These will be made by Shea and distributed
    to all locations.
  • Staff will be encouraged to donate any
    amount each month in order to participate. A different organization will be
    chosen each month.  Nonprofits such as
    People In Need (January), Humane Society(February), Common Ground (March) are
    among those groups we will be giving to. If you have other suggestions let
    Harla know.   If you already give to United Way on a regular
    basis you can participate without giving more UNLESS you want to.
  • Donations/monies should be given to a person
    designated by the branch manager at each location and then sent to Harla
    (Ostrander) by the last payday of the month.
  • BTW casual does not mean raggedy. Reminder from
    the Personal Manual: All clothing must be
    clean, neat, and in good repair.
    And finally, avoid tops with phrases or
    sayings on them.

Questions? Call Harla at Ostrander.