Picture books about horses

Many people have heard of my complaint that we can’t limit our catalog searches to particular collections, that we can’t (to use my repeated example) search for picture books about horses.  I’m pleased to announce that this is finally possible.

What we’ve done is add our call numbers to the keyword search.  So if you add the words “easy fiction” in your search, your results will be more or less limited to picture books.

And it works for more than just picture books.  Do you need to find some easy non-fiction about dogs?  Try searching for dogs easy and not fiction.  “AND NOT” is handy to exclude words, for example juv science fiction and not series.

It works for DVD’s too:  dvd shipwreck? or dvd comedy monster.

Any of the words we use on spine labels will work here:  YADULT, MULTI, ARCHIVE, READER, CD, PLAYAWAY….

BONUS:  Check out the Catalog Help page for more information about using question marks, asterisks, and parentheses to build better searches.