Shuttle Computer Auction

The Library has many old surplus computers. We are offering these (with 15 inch monitors) to staff to purchase.

Second-Price Sealed-Bid Auction
If you wish to buy one or more of the old computers, visit the auction page and enter your bid. The highest bidder will win the right to purchase 1 or more computers at the second highest bid.  The second highest bidder can then purchase computers at the third highest bid, and so on until all computers are gone.

Only one bid is allowed, but you can change your bid multiple times until the auction closes on Saturday, August 25.

The Shuttle computers vary in specs.  Generally, they were built by Greg Wheeland, so none is newer than 2008.  At the high end, are the old Teen computers (Pentium Dual-Core Processor with 4 GB of RAM, 230 GB hard drive and DVD recorder). At the low end, computers have a Celuron processor, 480 MB RAM, 20 GB hard drive, and CD-RW.  Most computers will fall in a range somewhere between these.

They come with keyboard and mouse while supplies last.