Hotspot Password

I’m reposting this as a reminder in case a patron has hotspot trouble. T-Mobile is working on it, but in the meantime, follow this guideline:

We’ve been running into issues with the new hotspots resetting passwords and not allowing patrons to log in. This happens when the device is reset, and unfortunately, this new model resets when the power button is held down for five seconds. Horrible design, I know. -_-

We’ve made T-Mobile aware of the issue and they’re working to get it resolved, but in the meantime, if a patron calls in with this issue, let them know that the password is located on a white sticker on the inside of the backplate of the device. There’s a little notch where it can be popped off and the sticker can be accessed. Usually, it starts with “009.”

Have them write down the password so they don’t have to keep popping it off, then get the barcode to make a note in the item record and mark it “Give to Traci” so it can come to us to be fixed when loan period is over.

Thanks for your cooperation with this issue.