Eclipse Glasses

The eclipse glasses are in! We have ordered 1000 and they will be sent to each branch tomorrow. Please put them out for your patrons no earlier than Monday, August 7.

There is a catch for anyone wanting a pair. They must either (1) show their DCDL library card or (2) sign up for a DCDL library card to receive their free pair. Please be lenient. If they say they have a card, but not with them, you can choose to look them up in the system and confirm (and maybe double-check that their info is correct?) or just trust them. Also, if it’s a caregiver and they’re with 75 children and everyone wants a pair, you can use your judgment. This is a great opportunity to promote the library and encourage library card sign-ups for the back-to-school season. Maybe even consider putting an eclipse display at the info desk! I’ll have posters and fliers soon.

Supplies are limited. We will stress this in the press release and on social media, but it will help if you reinforce it.

And here’s a downloadable eclipse-related bookmark.