Eclipse Glasses {More Info}

Some FAQs already:

  • What’s the limit?
    • There’s no limit and that’s intentional. Frequently when you say “please limit 10” that means people think “ok, I’ll go and get 10” even if they only have need for 2.
  • What if someone’s getting more than 1 for their family? 
    • Be friendly and ask nicely if everyone in their family has a library card? If not, this is a great opportunity to get that last member signed up. Remember – we do let babies have their own cards!
  • Can a teacher have 20+ for his/her classroom?
  • Is what we have at the desk all that there is?
    • Yes-ish. We only ordered 1,000 pairs. They are first-come, first-served and limited in supply. I have a small reserve on hand for some events where I’ll be signing up library cards, and once those are over, I’ll distribute the reserve to the branches who have run out.
  • Anything else?
    • Encourage sharing. Sure, your family may have 17 kids, but does every kid need a pair at the same time? The eclipse will have an impact for longer than just a second, so play to people’s empathy that we want everyone to be able to experience this and if they could share, that’d be helpful to all.
    • This is a promotion for library card sign ups. Please emphasize that we really want all individuals taking a pair to have a library card. This is a very nice way to encourage a very simple thing that will benefit them for a lifetime!

I’ll update as I hear more. Thanks! – Nicole