Yesterday at the Board Meeting

Last night, the Board held an extended meeting to start planning the Library levy renewal/replacement, and to consider what we might do with those revenues.

The Board tentatively decided that we will go to the voters at the November, 2018, election. This is the earliest that we are allowed to go to the voters, one year before the final year of our current 10-year levy. To prepare, the Board authorized me to work with an outside company to do a community survey to measure satisfaction with our library services, community concerns, and other issues surrounding how we plan and deliver library service. The important thing here is to spread a wide net that is representative of the whole community, not just library users.

Once we have a good sense of how the community sees us, and after Angela and I have worked on the numbers, the Board will decide how much to ask the voters to approve in order to fund the future growth of the system. (We currently have a 1 mill levy, which works out to just under $30 per $100,000 of the assessed property value. This generates about $4,900,000 per year right now, or about 70% of our revenue.) Then we can start to plan the campaign proper: how we will shape the question, what we will promise, and what sorts of supporting materials we need. We also have to be very careful that we as staff members know what we can legally say in regards to the levy while we are working. We’ll talk more about this at the Staff Day in November.

There are many, many steps we need to go through before we go on the ballot, but I wanted to keep you up to date on where we stand. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

–George N.