New board games

Update: New Board Game List Oct 2017

Today we’re adding new games to the collection. The wiki is being updated this morning as I have time. The new game list isn’t finalized, but a temporary version of it is in the L>Board Games folder. I’ll add the proper file to this post once it’s available. There are a few on this list that aren’t released yet. There are 5 of them being held back for Geek Fest this year. Those are marked on the list as well. If any patrons ask about those, encourage them to come to GGF to try them there.

This time around I’m also trying something a little extra. We have a game called Hive, and I’ve purchased a couple extra pieces for the game to add a bit more variety to the game. This is my first venture into testing whether or not to release expansions with our games to provide more replay options to the collection without necessarily growing the collection larger. If you have any patrons ask, the games have an extra instruction set inside the box. If patrons make any comments about this, please let me know whether they’re good or bad. This is an option we can look into going forward, but I don’t want to do so if patrons don’t like the addition.

As always, if you’ve got any questions let me know.