It’s a Rogue, no Ood? Wait, is it a Bulbasaur? Nope, it’s a baby!

Hey everyone!

We planned a Baby Shower for Kellen and his wife Rachael. YAY!

It’s going to be potluck style so if anyone wants to participate and bring food, please sign-up HERE. There’s no obligation to buy gifts, but if anyone would like to, they have registries at both Target and Babies R’Us. They would also appreciate gender neutral secondhand clothes.

This nerdy event is taking place on February 28th at 4 PM, in the Main Branch break room. Even if you are unable to bring a potluck dish or purchase a gift, feel free to stop by and congratulate Kellen and Rachael on gaining a ‘third player’ and wish them luck on with their new ‘campaign’.

Hope to see you there!