Memorial Day and Holiday Pay

Edit: No matter which parade you walked in, your hours go in your HOME/REGULAR BRANCH column.

If you worked on Memorial Day please review our Holiday policy:

Occasionally, Library staff work on a holiday, representing the Library in a parade or similar event, or to empty the book drop, for example. An employee must have permission from his supervisor to work on a holiday.

If a full time employee works on a holiday, he should record actual time worked on his time sheet and record the remaining hours under “Holiday,” to equal eight hours for the day.

EXAMPLE:   If a full time employee worked two hours at a parade, he would record “2” as actual hours worked, and “6” as holiday hours on his time sheet. 

Full time employees who work on a holiday are entitled to take off two hours for every hour worked. These compensating hours must be taken during the same pay period in which the holiday falls, adjusting work schedules accordingly. 

Part time employees who work on a holiday will be paid for the actual hours worked at their regular rate of pay.

For full time employees; taking two hours off for every hour worked on a holiday will result in a timesheet that is less that 80 hours. Please remind your supervisor to initial the ‘Pay 80 Hours’ line on your timesheet.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.


Sam Valesky