Friday Mornings Customer Service Caffeine

Hello DCDL,

Some of you may know that I have a strong background in Customer Service Training.  With that background I am going to start a new weekly Clipboard post with tips and tricks to help us continue to offer exceptional customer service.  One thing I have learned from my seven months here at DCDL is customer service is an area where the system is already strong.  So this is not a fix, nothing is broken, instead this is so we can continue to surprise and delight our patrons.

  • Some of these tips you will know and already do.
  • Some of these you know and have fallen out of the habit of.
  • Some of these may be new approaches or new ideas to approach customer service situations.

I hope that some of these will spark conversations and that they will give you new ideas of how to make the library an even more magical place. If you have an idea you would like to share send it to me and I will incorporate it into one of my Friday mornings.

Today’s Tip

When so often we get caught up in numbers (door counts, circ stats, storytime size) and our deadlines (reports, Wufoo’s and backed up carts) we sometimes forget the individuals that we are serving.  Each patron comes with a different need, life experience and personality.  It may seem counter intuitive, but when you are the busiest and have the most on your plate this is exactly when you need to give a little more time to your patrons and co-workers. For those of you who practice mindfulness this will sound familiar, its about letting yourself be in the moment.  When you take a little extra time to ask about a book or how their day is going, and really listen to their response, you will find this to be a satisfying moment.  When Patrons feel like you are listening the library gets feedback like, “I love this library” or “the staff here are always so wonderful”.  This is not natural for all people and for me it takes practice, we are a busy library with a lot of constant demands (which you are all superstars at accomplishing!) and sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the everyday moments that are changing our world and our community.  If anyone wants to learn more about mindfulness I suggest this Tedx Columbus talk by Daron Larson ironically called “Don’t try to be mindful“.

See you next Friday,