Maker Annex Now Open

After months and months of preparation, the Maker Annex is now open. It is located at the Willis Education Center 74 W William St, Delaware, OH 43015. The hours are: Monday 9am-2pm, Tuesday 12pm-5pm, Wednesday 2pm-7pm and Thursdays 12pm-5pm. Featuring high tech fabrication tools like 3D printers and a laser cutter, to software from Adobe and Autodesk, to low tech tools like sewing machines and a button maker, the Maker Annex is the library’s hub of creative possibilities. These hours will be split each week between open lab time where anyone can come and create and with classes to help you both learn how to design and how to creatively solve problems.
Check for more information on what the Maker Annex has to offer, as well as an up to date calendar featuring what our open lab hours are each week as well as pricing.