Items for pickup from the Maker Annex

The plan is to allow patrons to pick up their projects they submit to the Maker Annex at any DCDL branch location of their choosing. This allows someone in say Dublin to submit their project online and pick it up at Powell instead of making 2 trips to Delaware to do so. They do need to pick it up at a DCDL location. We won’t send things to other CLC libraries to pick up.

Because of this, we need a consistent way to alert patrons when they’re there, and to make sure items are easily identifiable for staff. To do this, we’ve added a bib record for “Project from the Maker Annex” where each completed project is added as an item record. They’re stored in a Ziploc bag with a barcode on it and the price included on a slip of paper inside.

Completed project on hold

When one of these bags arrives at your location, check it in like you would any other item on hold. It will print a slip, tape it to the bag, and then place it in your branch’s designated area for projects to be picked up. The patron will be automatically notified they have a project ready for pickup when they get their next batch of notices.

Sample notice

When the patron arrives to pick up their project, remove the items from the bag, charge them the amount on the slip included in the bag, then hand them just the items. DO NOT GIVE THEM THE BAG. Include how much was charged on your fine sheet like you would for a lost item or print job in a separate column for Maker Annex so Sam can see that info when you turn that slip in.

Because the item is on hold, you’ll need to go into their account and cancel the hold so it no longer shows on their account. Then send the bag back to Delaware and I’ll reuse it on a future project.

I’m hoping this method helps patrons be quickly notified when a project is ready to pick up, while also trying to reduce the amount of work I put on library staff to notify and handle the tedium of preparing things for pickup.

If you’ve got any questions, please let me know.

UPDATE: Per Pam’s email:

As the items will be subject to our current hold rules, they will appear on the “Unclaimed” list after 5 days, if not picked up.  When they reach this status, please forward the items to Traci at Main, and the patrons will be notified by IT staff again that their items are waiting.

If they do not pick up the items, the amount will be noted in their records by IT staff, and if the amount reaches $10.00, they won’t be able to make more items until the amount is paid. (This is not added as a fine, just a note in their record.)