Donated or Weeded Materials

Recently we had something occur that made me realize that we needed to clarify how to handle donated or weeded materials.  Whether an item is weeded from our collection or it is donated to our library from a patron or organization, it is property of the library and therefore the property of the citizens of Delaware County.  That means that there are certain ways we need to handle that material to make sure we are adhering to the Ohio Ethics laws.

When material is donated to the library, we can either decide to add it to our collection, or we have an agreement with the Friends of the Library that we give it to them to sell. 

We are NOT allowed to take that donated material home.  Like any other patron, we can buy items that are on the FOL shelves or we can attend a FOL sale but we should not be taking any of that material without purchasing it.

If you have any questions about this please let me or your supervisor know.