Dealing with post-election stress

However the election turns out tonight, we could be in for a difficult time in our community and our country over the next few days or weeks.

First, remember that if you are feeling stressed, or you have a family member or co-worker who is suffering, Matrix is there for you. The confidential, 24-hour helpline is 800-886-1171.

Next, we are probably in for another round of snark and fake news. Please stay professional. We are the providers of vetted, reliable information, and people are going to need that more than ever. Don’t engage with patrons on political topics. Don’t have political discussions among ourselves at the service desks. And don’t forget that the person across the break room table or working at the next desk may have different views than you do. Civility helps everyone.

Finally, if you feel threatened or intimidated, you have my permission, in fact you have my encouragement, to say “This conversation is over,” and to walk away. Then let your supervisor know, or let Molly or me know. You have the right to feel safe at work, and we will support that right. We have your back. We also will not tolerate any intimidating behavior by staff to one another, even if it’s unintentional.

We will get through this time of tumult. But we can do it better if we do it together. This will require kindness, patience, and every bit of our senses of proportion and humor. Please be kind to one another.