2021 Systemwide Performance Goal

One of the systemwide goals that we would like everyone to have on their 2021 Performance Goals is to take the Ethics Commission of the State of Ohio’s Ethics Law E-course.  This course is only 1 hour long, and you will be asked to print the certificate at the end and turn that copy into Human Resources. 

You read an Ethics Pamphlet when you started at the library, so the information is not new, but it is a good refresher and reminder of how we stay good stewards of the library’s money.  Again this is a goal to accomplish for 2021, so there is no rush to get them done right now. 

Attached is an instructional document that will show you where and how to take the course.  Please look over it because it will make sure you know how to print the certificate.  If you do not print the certificate, you will have to retake the whole course, and we don’t want you to have to do that. 

Let me know if there are any questions about this.