Program Mask Requirements & Storytime Update!

Keep in mind that this may change again as we move further into fall.

Starting September 1st: Masks are required for participants in library events held indoors.

  • If a patron is attending an indoor program, they must wear a mask. 
  • Exemptions will be made for medical or religious reasons. Those patrons may be asked to socially distance themselves.
  • Masks are not currently required for outdoor programs.
  • It is up to staff if they wear a mask while hosting an outdoor program.
  • If an outside group is in the meeting room, and it is not a library program, masks are not required but encouraged. (ESOL at Orange is a library program and they have agreed to wear masks.)

The online calendar is the most up-to-date resource for programs.

  • Some programs have changed since the Quarterly was printed.
  • A few programs have switched to a virtual format.
  • After August 28, no programs will change format, unless a system-wide decision is made.

Each location will have Storytime outside in Septemeber!

  • Storytimes will be held outside and will be cancelled due to poor weather.
  • The decision to cancel Storytime will be done by location.
  • Masks are not required for outside programs. Storytime Leaders may wear one if they choose.
  • October is undecided. YS is handling Storytimes on a month-by-month basis.
  • September Outdoor Storytime Schedule:
    • Tuesday & Thursday: Orange
    • Wednesday: Delaware
    • Thursday: Ostrander
    • Friday: Powell