Thank you

A huge shout out to Jayna, Nicole, Mackenzie D. and Katie H. for helping out in the Outreach Department this week. I will note that Kelly, Sara A. and Wendi also offered to help. Our patrons mean a lot to us and it was wonderful that we kept the stops going. Next week will bring some cancelled stops until I can get back to full staff. I wanted to share a quote from one of our home delivery patrons from this week. Thank you for those who made this happen.

The patrons daughter called and left a message before we got back into the department. ” Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Folks came this morning. Someone realized that my moms helper was short a pair of hands and I was needed to help change my mom. I didn’t have to worry about getting the door you took the books and left the new ones. Thank whomever did that and made a righteous decision. It was so appreciated. Thank you very much! Great Service! Go Library! Y’all hang in there! “